November is National Entrepreneurship Month! Each year, November is set aside to recognize and celebrate those men and women who’ve start their own businesses and meet needs in their communities.

Did you also know millions of those entrepreneurs and business owners also served in the military? It’s true. After taking off the uniform, many have set out on new ventures, building companies using lessons and unique experiences from their military careers.

Statistics show that veterans are well-suited for entrepreneurship. Just take a look at these facts from the Small Business Administration about veteran-owned businesses:

  1. 2.52 million businesses are majority-owned by veterans in the United States.
  2. Those business make up 9.1 percent of all U.S. businesses.
  3. 5.02 million people are employed by veteran-owned businesses.
  4. Of those veteran-owned businesses, more than 15 percent are owned by women.
  5. The vast majority of veteran-owned businesses were built from the ground up. Of veteran-owned businesses with employees, 74.3 percent of those were founded by their veteran owners.

Veterans continue to serve their country by becoming vetrepreneurs — building businesses based on their knowledge and skills and contributing to their communities.

Be on the lookout for a veteran-owned business this holiday shopping season!