The Department of Veterans Affairs had problems before 2014, but that year the scandal-ridden agency came under national scrutiny because of the Phoenix VA facility.

In April 2014, the public learned the Phoenix VA had been keeping secret waitlists to track appointments. Those lists made it appear that veterans were being seen in a timely manner. In reality, veterans were waiting months. Some even died while waiting to be seen by doctors.

Phoenix veterans and medical staff spoke up to shed light on a broken system, and now Phoenix veterans are sharing their stories in The Care They’ve Earned.

Concerned Veterans for America Foundation documented the experiences of six veterans as they navigated the VA health care system, including two Arizonans, Shannon Hubbard and Steve Cooper.

Shannon has been dealing with a poorly treated ankle injury for years. Steve was diagnosed with stage four cancer that the VA refused to treat. Both had to seek care outside the VA to get better treatment for their conditions.

Recently, Steve and Shannon joined about 60 veterans and military family members in Phoenix to watch The Care They’ve Earned and answer questions about their experiences. Veterans in the Phoenix area know the challenges that come with visiting the Phoenix VA over the last several years. Seeing two of their own tell their stories on the big screen made viewers feel like their own voices were being heard.

Veterans have earned quality medical care, but often have difficulty getting that care from the VA. Learn more about the experiences of vets like Steve and Shannon in The Care They’ve Earned, and find a screening near you.