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Bringing the latest and best information and resources to the veteran.

Every generation of American veterans has encountered challenges to physical health. For combat veterans in particular, each conflict and theater has posed unique threats. Our nation has a sacred commitment to “Care for him who shall have borne the battle,” yet there remain significant obstacles to ensuring our veterans receive the best available care.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) continues to struggle in its core mission to provide our veterans with the care they deserve. Quality of care is inconsistent and wait times are far too high. Veterans in legitimate need of urgent medical treatment are often forced to wait weeks or even months to see a doctor – and once they get in there is no consistency as to how they’ll be treated.

When government bureaucracies fail, the free market steps up to provide solutions – that includes health care solutions for veterans.

CVAFsm will highlight the challenges veterans face in obtaining healthcare through the VA, identify potential private sector innovations that can significantly improve veterans’ health care, and seek to partner with community-based health care providers who can serve as a resource for veterans when the VA falls short. 


Our military values can lead to long-term prosperity.

Our military service provides life tools that can help veterans and family members prosper in the private sector. Values like integrity and discipline can provide the basis for a life of prosperity and economic independence for our veterans and their families. 

Small businesses are a significant factor in our nation’s economy. They provide jobs, promote growth, and build wealth. Well-informed and disciplined Vetrepreneurs can create prosperity for their families and their communities.

CVAFsm will connect veterans and military families to resources, training, and mentorship so that they can build a vision for their own path to success as an entrepreneur in 21st Century America. We seek to ensure veterans remain connected to the American Dream through entrepreneurial success.


Service doesn’t end when the uniform is hung up. 

The transition from a structured, fast-paced military lifestyle back to civilian life can be challenging for both veterans and their family members. They were used to military life and the military community but too many aren’t trained or well prepared for the civilian community in which they will spend the rest of their lives. Thousands face health issues, physical and mental injuries, difficulty in finding good employment and education, and readjustment to a community that doesn’t fully understand their unique situations. Moreover, our own government can often be the biggest obstacle of all.

CVAFsm connects veterans with information and resources that help remove barriers to opportunity and ease burdens as military families resume civilian life. CVAFsm will coordinate with organizations to help veterans in their transition and can serve as a template for communities seeking to establish such organizations.


Our freedoms need protection here, too.

Veterans have a sacred relationship with the Constitution they swore to protect against enemies both foreign and domestic. But right now, freedom is under attack right here in America. The First Amendment in particular is facing constant threats at the local, state, and federal levels from government bureaucrats who want to shut down our ability to debate.

CVAFsm honors our Founding Fathers by connecting our supporters with the history behind the Constitution and educating veterans and military family members on the ways freedom is under assault today.

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