We have each other’s backs in uniform, so why wouldn’t we continue to support each other after we take it off? 

Concerned Veterans for America Foundation exists to empower, educate and connect veterans with everything they need to live prosperous and healthy civilian lives.  

To that end, we’re joining forces with veterans and their families all around the country to better understand what they need to succeed and provide resources for that success. 

Check out the new initiatives we’re launching to empower the veteran community: 

  • Vetrepreneurship” training to help vets start and grow their own businesses. 
  • Courses teaching veterans how to preserve the freedoms they sacrificed for in uniform. 
  • Events connecting people to build strong communities of veterans and military families. 

We served our country to protect freedom and the ability for all to enjoy happy, healthy lives. Veterans often have difficulty transitioning from protectors back to civilians. Our goal is to ease that transition with a supportive and understanding community.  

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