Concerned Veterans for America Foundation is committed to helping veterans live healthy and prosperous lives. Right now, the greatest threat to that health and wellbeing is the COVID-19 outbreak making its way through communities around the world.

We urge all veterans and their families to follow the recommended guidelines for slowing the spread of the virus and practice good hygiene and social distancing as much as possible. You can arm yourself with knowledge about the virus itself and its impact.

We want you to have the necessary information and resources to ensure you have access to the care you need, especially the most vulnerable among us. To accomplish that goal, we’ve compiled a list of resources to help you stay informed and get updates on the virus and your health care options.


Department of Veterans Affairs

Check the public health guide to COVID-19

Visit VA’s My HealtheVet portal for pharmacy, appointment and benefits information

Communicate with a health care professional via Secure Messaging

Communicate with a health care profession via Video Connect

Find one of the VA’s Mobile Vet Centers

Download the COVID Coach app for resources to support your mental health 


Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Get up to date information on symptoms and caring for your family


Department of Defense

Learn what the DOD is doing to assist active duty service members and their families

Find out how DOD schools are communicating with parents and employees


We’ll continue to keep our community updated on new developments through Facebook and Twitter.

Stay healthy and well-informed.