Our Purpose

Empower the military community with the tools to promote freedom at home; connect veterans in need with free market solutions to help them live a healthy and prosperous life.


Veterans fought and sacrificed to defend liberty, and that duty doesn’t end once their service is over. The military community is deeply invested in protecting freedom at home as civilians, just as they did abroad as soldiers. Veterans’ experience defending freedom while in uniform makes them uniquely suited to mobilize around liberty and preserving freedom as civilians.

The mission of CONCERNED VETERANS FOR AMERICA FOUNDATIONsm (CVAF) is to: empower veterans, military families, and concerned Patriots with the tools they need to champion the principles of a free society; educate the military community on the benefits of laws and policies that preserve and advance the freedoms they fought to protect; and, connect veterans with the available resources that will assist them to live healthy and prosperous lives at home.


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