Foreign Affairs

As wars rage in Europe and the Middle East, and China continues to rise as a threat to the United States, it’s easy for the U.S. to see foreign affairs through an outdated lens. The foreign policy of old leads with military engagement, nation building, and showing strength through combat.

But that isn’t sustainable and doesn’t make us safer at home.

The U.S. approach to foreign affairs needs a new vision, one that puts our vital interests first, leads with diplomacy, and only engages our military as a last resort.

Learn more about what this approach to foreign policy looks like in practice and how it would keep America safe.

U.S. alliances: Here is what we should consider

U.S. alliances: Here is what we should consider

Historically, under the right circumstances, alliances have often been prudent for protecting vital U.S. interests. Today, the heightened risk of conflict with nuclear-armed Russia requires us to approach our alliance relationships correctly so that we don’t unduly limit our ability to manage our relationships with our competitors and adversaries.

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