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Veterans are proven leaders and have an important role to play in our communities. That’s why the transition back to civilian life is so important, not just for veterans and their families to thrive, but for the communities who benefit from the unique skills and perspectives veterans possess.

Taking off the uniform is difficult, but we believe veterans have a new purpose and mission in civilian life: investing in their communities, building businesses, leading in public office, or being a voice for change.

All over the country, veterans are continuing their service by being community leaders. We’ll help you join them!

I was a first responder on September 11; here’s what I remember

I was a first responder on September 11; here’s what I remember

Although it’s been nearly two decades, my memories of September 11 in New York are as vivid as if it all happened yesterday. I was sitting in a classroom in Manhattan. On that morning, I was a combat veteran and National Guardsman turned student. My priorities that day were to go to class and do my schoolwork. But my life changed when a female voice behind me interrupted the professor with a few simple but terrifying words: A plane had hit the World Trade Center.

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