American Forces Don’t Slow Down for the Holidays

December 1776 was a difficult time in American history. The United States had been at war with England nearly two years and had quickly learned that battling the British army and navy was no small feat. The Continental Army suffered great losses and were fighting for...

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Put Your Knowledge to the Test: Bill of Rights Day

When the Constitutional Convention convened in 1787, many were eager to strengthen the new country with codified rights for the people. A group of delegates known as the Anti-Federalists believed enumerated rights were necessary to protect individual liberties. James...

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5 Fast Facts for Vetrepreneurs

November is National Entrepreneurship Month! Each year, November is set aside to recognize and celebrate those men and women who’ve start their own businesses and meet needs in their communities. Did you also know millions of those entrepreneurs and business owners...

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Veteran Got Shocking News After Visiting VA Hospital

Steve Cooper waited nearly a year for a consultation with a urologist at his local Department of Veterans Affairs hospital in Phoenix. He’d been examined by a nurse practitioner a year earlier, but he knew something wasn’t right. When he finally saw the doctor, Steve...

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