Have you been reading about The Care They’ve Earned? In this eye-opening documentary, six veterans share their experiences with the VA’s embattled health care system.

Concerned Veterans for America Foundation held several advanced screenings of The Care They’ve Earned in Arizona, Florida, North Carolina and Texas. We wanted to know what veterans thought about the documentary and the care they receive at their local VA facilities. Here’s what they said:

“Nothing can help you better understand or feel the recent crisis with the VA health care system than this documentary.”
– Russ, U.S. Air Force veteran

“Very informative and realistic, but just the tip of the iceberg. It shows the lack of care and respect for veterans.”
– Steve, U.S. Army veteran

“This powerful film will help connect regular Americans to the health effects that military service often has on our Veterans, and the challenges that our families face in getting care.”
– Carrie, Military Spouse

The Care They’ve Earned is a gripping documentary that depicts the fatal failures the VA has inflicted on some of our returning U.S. war fighters.”
– Rick, U.S. Marine Corps veteran

“It hits to the point and provides just the right amount of perspective on veteran health care, to get folks talking.”
– Jeff, U.S. Navy veteran

You can stream The Care They’ve Earned NOW on Amazon Prime.