Concerned Veterans for America Foundation has been utilizing our Believe in Veterans philosophy to help mobilize veterans and their communities to welcome and support arriving Afghans who were key US partners in our efforts there for the last two decades.

As the US war in Afghanistan ended, the US veteran community watched in horror as many of our former Afghan allies struggled to escape the Taliban. Veterans across America stepped up to act on behalf of those brave Afghans who risked their own and their families lives to work with us. We are grateful for their service and are honored to give them the opportunity to continue contributing to our nation.

In Wisconsin, where Fort McCoy has been serving as a reception center for newly arriving Afghans, CVA Foundation has been working with a broad coalition to help these Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) holders. CVA Foundation has:

    • Partnered with select state legislators to educate the public on refugee issues
    • Led a broad non-profit coalition to stage a week-long care package drive for refugees
    • Educated and advocated safe and successful resettlement of our Afghan allies
    • Communicated to the public around the value Afghan immigrants can provide to host communities, countering destructive narratives
    • Organized large volunteer group to lead continued education efforts in community

This is a case of veterans coming together to make a difference and welcoming our foreign allies into our community.

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